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Going All-in John Hamm Style

Nearly three years ago, I packed up all my belongings, gave my furniture to someone and converted my 2008 Chevy HHR into a rolling camper/home complete with a single bed. I moved to NYC on a whim to become an actor.

With no agent, no manager and no acting experience, training or connections, I only had a fearless ambition. I had a belief in myself, deep down, that I could do this. I told myself that I would go 100% all-in and not fear failure.

For over 18 months, I lived in that car. Making it through two winters sleeping in the car at 10-degrees along Riverside Park in Manhattan. I had a job driving for my buddy's limo service on Long Island and working for a cat rescue in Mount Vernon. I wrote freelance for Hoops Habit, Livestrong, and Houston Chronicle. I evaluated senior living homes and did odd jobs.

Discouraged at times? Of course. Never quit.

Over the course of my experiences I told myself I would learn everything I can about the industry and the craft. I would be myself and be kind and helpful. I would do theatre and take acting worships and classes with established working actors. I have the best acting coach in the world in Richard Kline (Threes Company, etc) who had helped make me even more believable and professional.

With no agent or manager, I have been able to live the dream. Tuesday I film my 40th lead/supporting role in this short time. I don't do background work. I don't work for free. These were standards I set for myself.

It is full proof that anyone can do anything if they are willing to make the sacrifices and put in the time and patience. With 2 full theatre productions, numerous one acts, over 20 commercials(mostly as spokesman), 3 feature films (2 as main character), 7 national TV costar roles in crime shows, 3 short films and numerous Industrial safety videos as spokesman and a nationally-syndicated radio show, I couldn't be more excited or happy.

With 2016 on horizon and the premiere of both Family Business and new TV comedy series pilot for Long Island Lights, it is going to be a wild year.

Keep pushing. Cut your own path. Believe in yourself. Be a good person. No excuses. Live in your car if you have to. I did. Wasn't so bad. Haha.

Be. Do.